Maritime Antiques Exotic Salvage Curiosities of the 7 Seas


From the Age of Sail to the Age of Steam,
The seas, and those who sail them, have sparked our imagination and curiosity.
At China Sea, you will find the instruments that gave sailors direction,
And the tools that kept them afloat;
The treasures they brought back from their travels
And the things they made along the way.


There's something here for anyone with a connection to the sea, and for those who need inspiration -- sailors, collectors, designers, photographers, set designers, and prop masters.

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Please Note: We are always willing to help identify items and share our knowledge of maritime history and artifacts with others. We will not, however, provide casual estimates of value. As experts in our field, we provide professional, written evaluations—at reasonable rates—and will work with you if you need an insurance letter or you are donating an item to a museum, for example.
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