China Sea Trading Company, Maritime Antiques, Salvage, Curiosities


The background for this little passenger steamer has the look of a North Mediterranean coastline. A painted sky and a sculpted series of hills, mountains and little buildings frame the ship as it navigates a green sea.

Very simple at first glance, but then you find yourself looking at the little village in the hills.

I made a simple stand to display the bottle which is 11.5 inches long. I think it was made in the 1930s or 40s.

A good buy and an older example of the sailor’s art.

China Sea Trading Company, Maritime Antiques, Salvage, Curiosities


This well-made piece of nautical folk art features a four-masted bark, a little village and sea beneath a painted sky.

The ship has some standing and running rigging, as well as the deck arrangement of a late-period merchant vessel.

The bottle is a foot long, sealed and finished with a varnished turks head at the cap. The ship within it is five and a half inches long.

While not a very old model, it is true to traditional ships-in-a-bottle done by sailors for the last hundred-plus years. It is signed with the initials ER and I would guess it to be fifty years old.

It is certainly one of a kind, and would be a welcome addition to any folk or sailor’s art collection.