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The sword is 31.5 inches long with a 25-inch blade.

The model 1860 cutlass is probably the most popular naval sword prized by collectors. Here is an unusual variation of the Civil War Navy sidearm.

The 1860 cutlass was manufactured by Ames in Chicopee, Mass as well as other companies. It was made between 1860 and 1865, originally designed with a cup hilt as protection for the hand in combat. At some point during this era, a few of these weapons were altered to have a simple "D" guard. I have never found a regulation for this but, from photographic evidence we know this was done while in naval use.

This particular weapon is well-marked "USN D.P. 1864" on the ricasso of the blade. Faint partial markings for Ames and Chicopee can be seen on the reverse side. It has an inspectors mark "DR" on the pommel. The blade has very light pitting on one side though it is clean on the other. It shows evidence of sharpening at one time. The wood grip has a small crack; most of its leather wrap is in place but worn. The wire wrap has been removed. The sword is 31.5 inches long with a 25-inch blade.