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This is one of the nicest ships in a bottle we've had in many a year, a genuinely old example of the art, probably made by a crewman or retired sailor from the actual ship.

The ship is a three-masted bark flying an American flag atop the mizzen, and an unknown flag, perhaps a house flag, or an old Italian flag, from the spanker gaff. Whoever made it surely had experience handling running rigging. He has rigged the braces to the yards very nicely. Oddly, he's omitted much of the standing rigging.

The ship is passing a city with many buildings and a lighthouse. The ship and buildings are mostly in the natural colors of the wood used in carving them.

The bottle measures 13 inches by five inches, a hefty size. The glass shows the small natural impurities often seen in primitive glass. The bottle is sealed shut with a glas stopper. It comes with a wood cradle that was made for it at the time the model was made.

An authentic piece of antique mariners folk art.