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This boar spear is 87 inches long with a 69-inch wood shaft.


Why, you may ask, is a boar spear included in a catalog of marine items?

Boar spears are most often found among the sporting goods of the wealthy gentry of 17th and 18th century Europe. But the noble boar spear was also a practical weapon in the hands of pikemen or boarding parties. Old illustrations even show them in the hands of Morgan's pirates as they attacked Panama in 1671.

This boar spear is 87 inches long, with a 69-inch wood shaft and an 18-inch forged iron head. The shaft features crossed leather strips and brass tacks to ensure a good grip.

I am unsure of its age, although it is obviously very old. The iron head has the characteristic "wings" or stops that prevent the spear form penetrating the victim too deeply.

An unusual example of early weaponry.